Merry Christmas crate full of surprises

7 fun and quirky gift ideas for Christmas

Tired of racking your brain when trying to figure out what you should buy for this Christmas? You’ll instantly de-stress when you pick up one of these perfect fun and quirky Christmas presents. This is your one-stop-solution for all of your holiday shopping needs and you’ll also find the coolest and quirky gift ideas as well!

1. Christmas extravaganza

7 fun and quirky gift ideas for Christmas 1
Price: 760
Shop now : https://www.kreativekeeda.com/product/christmas-extravaganza/

Know more : https://www.kreativekeeda.com/product/christmas-extravaganza/

Christmas lit up jar with chocolates and ‘merry Christmas’ wish note inside. Unique way to lit up your loved one’s Christmas with healthy dry fruit chocolates and wax sealed Christmas greeting along with beautiful lit up mason jar which is a perfect night lamp or utility object.

2.  Handcrafted Christmas delight assorted dark milk chocolate hamper

7 fun and quirky gift ideas for Christmas 2
Price: 249
Shop now : https://www.kreativekeeda.com/product/handcrafted-christmas-delight-assorted-dark-milk-chocolate-hamper/
Know more : https://www.kreativekeeda.com/product/handcrafted-christmas-delight-assorted-dark-milk-chocolate-hamper/

Handcrafted artisan assorted dark /milk chocolates, decorative Christmas themed. This Christmas, gift beautifully shaped Santa, Christmas tree, Santa sock and many more cute Christmas themed, fresh handcrafted assorted dark chocolate hamper. No preservatives, made with perfectly pitched flavors and customized luxurious texture.

3.  Merry Christmas crate full of surprises

7 fun and quirky gift ideas for Christmas 3
Price: 2759
Shop now : https://www.kreativekeeda.com/product/merry-christmas-crate-full-of-surprises-hamper-gift/
Know more : https://www.kreativekeeda.com/product/merry-christmas-crate-full-of-surprises-hamper-gift/

Crate full of festive surprises and personalized goodies. A complete festive themed kit containing lots of dry fruit chocolates with personalized goodies as well as utility items such as mason jar as night lamp with led lights, jewellery trunk, beautiful wooden crate with handle, hang able candle holder with tea light candle etc.

4. Personalized Christmas frame

Christmas Gifts
Price: 699
Shop now : https://www.kreativekeeda.com/product/christmas-gift-frame/
Know more : https://www.kreativekeeda.com/product/christmas-gift-frame/

Personalized Christmas wish for special friend. Gift special Christmas themed frame personalized with his/her photo.

5. Personalized Christmas placard with easel

7 fun and quirky gift ideas for Christmas 4
Price : 399
Shop now : https://www.kreativekeeda.com/product/christmas-gift-card/
Know more : https://www.kreativekeeda.com/product/christmas-gift-card/

Wish your special one ‘Merry Christmas’ in style with this gorgeous placard with easel stand, personalized with his/her name on it. Instead of those bygone greeting card, this year gift them Christmas on their desk.

6.  X’mas delight

7 fun and quirky gift ideas for Christmas 5
Price: 399
Shop now : https://www.kreativekeeda.com/product/return-gift-christmas-birthday-party/
Know more : https://www.kreativekeeda.com/product/return-gift-christmas-birthday-party/

Cage shaped hang able Candle holder with tea light candle, filled with dry fruit chocolates.

7.  Xmas light jar with wish note

7 fun and quirky gift ideas for Christmas 6
Price : 499
Shop now : https://www.kreativekeeda.com/product/christmas-gift-idea/
Know more : https://www.kreativekeeda.com/product/christmas-gift-idea/

Make her/his X’mas lit up with personalized wish note inside a beautiful lit up jar. Light up your loved one’s Christmas with beautiful lit up wish jar. Inside the jar there will be a Christmas greeting addressed to the person you are gifting.

8.  Christmas mug

7 fun and quirky gift ideas for Christmas 7
Price: 599
Shop now : https://www.kreativekeeda.com/product/christmas-gift-mug/
Know more : https://www.kreativekeeda.com/product/christmas-gift-mug/

Gift your special friend gorgeous personalized Christmas mug.

We hope you like our unique personalized Christmas gift suggestions to make your loved one’s X’mas memorable. For more such unique and out of the box gift options visit www.kreativekeeda.com

Merry Christmas to you !

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