Who We Are

About Kreative Keeda

In summer of 2015, were looking for a gift on internet/archives but were not able to found anything which we could relate with. Although few homemakers provide few personalized option through Facebook but neither their products were appealing nor the prices. Then Kreativekeeda pops up in our mind, and we created this place where any one can find that perfect gift which is under the category of unique handcrafted and highly customized stuff. So all the personalized and unique gifting needs are sorted under one platform.

Kreativekeeda takes you in the world of art, colors, imagination and creativity. All about hand painted and hand crafted stuff, From artistic abstract paintings and decorative lamps to customized pop retro paintings and personalized gift, KreativeKeeda brings Indian gifting & home décor needs solutions to them with just one click.

Gifting to someone has always been a tedious task, especially in terms of what to gift? We offer specific products and thus could provide highly customized and personalized gifting solutions for different gifting needs of people and corporates. Basically turning art into a service, where art lover people don’t only buy what is there to offer at the shelf but can get their own art product service.

Our Feature

  • Customised canvas painting
  • Wall Mural painting services for cafe, studios & house.
  • Customised abstract paintings for interior, matching walls and furniture.
  • Hand painted beautiful gift items for personal and CORPORATE GIFTING.