How to unstuck yourself and move forward, on the go!

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September 22, 2017
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How to unstuck yourself and move forward, on the go!

Sometimes our mind goes overactive and thus create little amount of stress which we generally not even recognize but surely it drains our energy and we end up feeling lost and restless. If this happens to you too than you must know the uneasiness and you just can’t wait for a vacation to de-stress.

And though there are various method we know or have heard of relaxing our mind such as cognitive distancing, practice mindfulness, stay in present etc. but as heavy they sound so difficult we perceive them to apply. After all who has the time to devote for this.. right! But at the same time this cannot be ignored to pile up only to cause big trouble later.

Here I tell you 3 easy steps to calm your mind on the go without spending specific time for it. Because It doesn’t have to be complicated.

  1. Take few (3-5) deep breaths and while exhaling pretend that all the negative energies are going out and cleansing your body. Imagine beautiful divine golden light entering your body while inhaling, purity entering your body.

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  2. Tell yourself ‘I am perfectly healthy and fine’ repeat it and say it loud to yourself if possible. So that your mind takes instructions from you and focus on this particular thought.

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  3. ‘Gratitude’ is an amazing antidote for feeling low and powerless. It is the key. The above two steps were only the preparation for this step to feel it with full energy and power. Think about things you should be grateful about. Think about all of them, starting from you being alive and breathing till the current recent event you feel happy and blessed about. Thank your stars for all of them.

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So next time you feel restless or confused and things doesn’t go your way just remember to breathe deeply while walking or sitting or drinking tea or anything you are doing at that moment. Say to yourself about you being fine and perfectly okay. And finally feel gratitude for anything or everything you already have. It’s an amazing method which takes less than 3 minutes and have the power to change your energy from negative to positive and peaceful.

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