Kreativekeeda celebrates its one year anniversary!

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September 13, 2017
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September 13, 2017

Kreativekeeda celebrates its one year anniversary!

Since it was first launched pan India a year ago, has exceeded all expectations. With dozens of successful assignments and work projects, we are just getting started. To coincide with this milestone, we have just launched our brand new redesigned site along with many amazing range of new products.

We want our site to also be more entertaining for people to enjoy shopping with. A place that provide a wonderful experience coupled with high quality merchandise at a deeply discounted price. “The customer delight is most important aspect of our business. We wants her customers to be overjoyed not just with product but with the whole conversation experience, the packaging and even a personal connection with us.

Some new partnerships with gifting business and new plans to expand and grow, Kreativekeeda is most determined to become customer focused.

As featured in Yourstory almost a year ago “Innovation and customer experience is not mere our ideology but our mantra”. “We constantly thrive for new ideas and see the customer response, always ready to experiment, we provide my customers utmost freedom to use their creativity and design their own art piece. Sometime customer gives amazing ideas”


Full of passion, innovation and creativity, Kreativekeeda’s goal is to triple our customer base and services.


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