Never gift these things to your wife as a B’day present!

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Never gift these things to your wife as a B’day present!

Women, although they might never tell you about the disappointment they have after they receive a gift from their spouse/boyfriend, but a little perceptiveness and effort can make them feel really special and wanted. And hello! , who doesn’t loves that.

So if the big day is coming and you are planning on what to gift your wife this birthday than yes! , you must check out the following list of ‘worst’ gifts for wife, which might save you.

Big No No for cash– asking her help to buy something for herself is the worst thing to do. Which can be considered as coldness and lack of thoughtfulness. Talking about gift card, they can be considered but you should still avoid them if you want to impress her.


Kitchen appliances – don’t ever consider buying home appliances, new microwave, curtain or other such stuff. Even though they are needed and useful. Unlike men most women doesn’t enjoy useful gifts.


Makeup or jewelry- although you frequently watch those jewelry ads where the wife is touched by the diamond set or ring but if you are planning for a surprise never ever go for jewelry as there are 99% chance she will not like the design. Better take her to the shop for these instead.


Exercise machines- even if she’s talking about that cycle to exercise for a month now, still think twice before considering as a b’day gift option as it might send a wrong message that she needs to lose weight or you don’t find her attractive any more etc.


So in short always try to make the gift more thoughtful and personalized which does not really require to be expensive every time but rich in feelings. Look for such amazing personalized gifts at visit and impress her.

Happy gifting!

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