Get a paint party hosted for your employees

a perfect fun filled activity to energize the office environment

Looking for a perfect fun filled activity to energize the office environment?, then look no further

From stress reduction and focus to rejuvenation and self-discovery, the benefits of creating art have proven to be extensive and valuable. Employees will be able to choose the art they want to create and they will be guided step by step to create awesome art pieces.

There are  one/two/three hour sessions available as per the size of team /employees and design selected. Well hosted and supervised by the artist and our team to make sure it becomes a super fun, easy and memorable experience for each employee. At the same time it makes them feel special and cared for plus the art works as therapy giving them an opportunity to express  and create through art. They can take home the art they created or decorate their office desk.

so wait no more and get in touch at 8928035459(whatsapp) or get a call arranged for yourself from our menu tab. also feel free to chat with our live executives regarding the same between 10 am to 6 pm


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