5 Unique & thoughtful Gift ideas for boyfriend / men under Rs. 1500

Whether you’ve been dating for three months or three years, there’s no denying that boyfriends are hard to shop for. Usual gifts have become boring and lame, so what to do to make him feel special ? something which shows you care, something thoughtful and quirky. If you’re looking for the perfect gift to present to your boyfriend, discover unique, stylish, thoughtful and crowd-pleasing gift ideas for men under 1500

1. All about you photo poetry

Price – 1199/-

Shop now – https://www.kreativekeeda.com/product/all-about-you-digital-photo-poetry/

Gift him his own personalized ‘photo poetry’ illustration along with frame where personalized life objects related to him will be designed around their photo to make it highly personalized & thoughtful gift. Indeed a unique & thoughtful gift idea for your boyfriend under Rs. 1500



2.   Personalized doodle art

Price – 1499/-

Shop now – https://www.kreativekeeda.com/product/personalized-doodle-art-best-gift-for-boyfriend/

Gift him the memory he will cherish forever. Get his personalized doodle art (framed) handmade by the artist along with personal life objects related to his life such as his hobbies, passion, likes etc. Quite unique & thoughtful gift idea for your man under Rs. 1500



3.   Personalized love contract in a lit up trunk

Price – 969/-

Shop now – https://www.kreativekeeda.com/product/personalized-love-contract/

Make your him open the colorful trunk lit up inside with stamp sealed personalized love contract. The stamp sealed love contract is inside a small lit up trunk. You can get the contract personalized with the name of yours and his as well as the contract inside. The most unique & thoughtful gift idea for your boyfriend under Rs. 1500



4.   ‘I love you’ lit up canvas greeting

Price – 950/-

Shop now – https://www.kreativekeeda.com/product/i-love-you-lit-up-canvas-greeting-card-birthday/

Instead of those bygone cards which get lost in old diaries greet him up with this quirky lit up canvas which he can cherish for a long time. Perfect for tabletop or wall decoration, also a night lamp. Size 8″ x 10″ inches with lights inside. So get over the outdated greeting cards and gift him this beautiful hand painted canvas greeting.



5.   DIY personalized T shirt painting kit

Price – 975/-

Shop now – https://www.kreativekeeda.com/product/diy-personalised-t-shirt-painting-kit/

Well this one is more for you than him. Let’s admit the fact that girls love craft and something handmade for him can make him go head over heels in love with you all over again. But again the time and energy to buy all the craft stuff is tough & seems impossible. So worry not and order this complete DIY T-shirt kit for his size and get all the necessary supplies and material in the box along with instruction manual to make him a quirky personalized T-shirt by your own.



We hope you like our unique personalized gift suggestions to make your loved one’s special day memorable. For more such unique and out of the box gift options visit www.kreativekeeda.com

Happy gifting
to you !

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