Unique gifts & surprise for girls / women under 2000

Gone are the days when only flowers and jewellery were the best gifts for a girl or women. Today, with changing times a lot has been added to the list of gifting options for girls.  Why not surprise her with something unique and personalised, which express your emotions and love to the girl you are gifting, thus making it valuable. We have gathered an amazing collection of gift ideas below-

 You can shop for an exciting range of gifts for females of all ages, so you get sorted!

1. Hand painted watercolor portrait with frame

Price: 1,999
Shop now: https://www.kreativekeeda.com/product/hand-painted-watercolor-portrait-with-framemulticolor/

Shop now: https://www.kreativekeeda.com/product/hand-painted-watercolor-portrait-with-framemulticolor/

Beautiful hand painted portraits straight out of magical watercolors. It is indeed the perfect gift idea for your loved ones.  You can choose your color preference as well

2. Gift a ‘Poem’

Price: 1,999
Shop now: https://www.kreativekeeda.com/product/gift-a-poem-personalized/

Know more: https://www.kreativekeeda.com/product/gift-a-poem-personalized/

For when you need something extra special. Gift a poem to your special someone specially personalised with their essence. weather it is your father, spouse, friend or that unnamed relationship which you cherish through emotions and simply want to mark what it means to have been together, just provide few details and receive the most perfect poem, funny and sincere at the same time.

3. Hyper realistic pencil portrait

Price: 1,921

Know more :https://www.kreativekeeda.com/product/hyper-realistic-pencil-portrait-personalized/

Have a favorite picture you wanted to be artistically made? Turn it into an exceptionally beautiful work of art handcrafted by an artist. The photo is converted into a realistic pencil portrait by a professional. All you have to do is share a picture and get the perfect gift.

4. Hand painted kettle set ceramic with  mugs

Price: 1,650
Know more:https://www.kreativekeeda.com/product/hand-painted-kettle-set-ceramic-with-two-mugs/

Hand painted, gorgeous ceramic kettle set with mugs. Indeed an apt gift for your crockery lover friend.

5. Personalized journal notebook, custom cover illustration

Price: 1,899
Shop now: https://www.kreativekeeda.com/product/personalized-journal/

Know more : https://www.kreativekeeda.com/product/personalized-journal/

Gift personalized travel /art journal to your travel/art enthusiast special someone by getting the cover highly personalized with digital art and life objects related to the person. Illustration artists will convert all the information into beautiful life objects around the digital portrait.

6. DIY wall decor kit

Price: 1,399
Shop now: https://www.kreativekeeda.com/product/diy-wall-decor-kit/
Know more : https://www.kreativekeeda.com/product/diy-wall-decor-kit/

Making customized, hand painted wall hangings is a wonderful experience that can be very easy & affordable with this innovative kit. This kit contains everything you need to make your own customized set of wall hanging set matching your interior and color preference. It’s very satisfying and fun and indeed a perfect gifting idea. 

Top Form

7. DIY pillow cover kit

Price: 1,199
Shop now: https://www.kreativekeeda.com/product/diy-pillow-cover-kit-set-of-two/

Know more : https://www.kreativekeeda.com/product/diy-pillow-cover-kit-set-of-two/

Making beautiful, hand painted pillow covers is a wonderful experience that can be very affordable with this innovative kit. This kit contains everything you need to paint your own set of pillow cover (set of two) matching your interior and color preference. It’s very easy and fun and indeed a perfect gifting idea.

We hope you like our unique personalized gift suggestions to make your loved one’s special day memorable. For more such unique and out of the box gift options visit www.kreativekeeda.com

Happy gifting to you!

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