Why throw away old furniture when you can upcycle!!!

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October 27, 2017
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September 29, 2018

Why throw away old furniture when you can upcycle!!!

There are many emotions and memories attached to that old reading chair of yours which makes it too hard to throw away. Well after reading this you don’t need to!

Doesn’t it sounds cool to take something old and transform it into something modern, unique and trendy? You can turn your old tea table, drawer chest, dining table, lawn furniture and any furniture you wish into beautiful vintage designer furniture without spending a fortune.

What if I say upcycling is not only fun but easy as well? Yes, you heard it right, you don’t need to be an experienced professional to upcycle your old dear furniture by yourself at home. There are many myths attached with painting your old furniture new, few of them are the laborious prep work like sanding or it doesn’t dry quickly or adherence to already varnished furniture etc.

But instead of starting it directly without proper knowledge and later being disappointed with the result, it’s better to gather information about few important things.

First of all there is specific paint available in the market for upcycling old furniture which resolves most of the issues attached with the application. Any paint picked from a paint shop (oil paints, acrylic paints etc.) won’t work well with your furniture surface, so do not forget to ask for paints made specifically for painting furniture which has chalky finish. And here you are sorted with most of the trouble like drying time, painting application, prep work, durability etc. You can paint these chalky finish paints for furniture directly with help of a painting brush and you don’t need to be a pro because this paint will dry smoothly.

The issue hugely associated with it is that you cannot get such chalky finish paint at paint shops in India easily so people end up applying normal oil/acrylic paint which obviously turns the furniture into disaster. But there are some amazing paints called Voodoo Molly Vintage paint (made in New Zealand) available for this purpose which can be applied even on varnished surface, so absolutely no sanding or any prep work is required. It’s a New Zealand based manufacturing and a reliable supply chain coming soon with fast, efficient and accurate order processing, fulfillment and dispatch.  They are furniture paint specialists, you can put inquiry here at akankshadesigns18@gmail.com

So go ahead and beautify your home with your own style and sophistication and make it stand out without losing that old dear furniture and saving the cost of buying a new one.

Happy furniture to you, cheers!

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