Wondering what to do with that empty wine bottle collection?

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September 13, 2017
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Wondering what to do with that empty wine bottle collection?

6 amazing DIY bottle crafts for beginners

You must have seen beautiful decorated bottles at houses, home décor showrooms which makes the interior look rich and elegant. What if I tell you, you can do it yourself at home even if you doesn’t have any creative bone? Yes! It easy and possible

All you need is to do is spare a little time for this fun craft on a holiday and you can involve your kids as well but be sure you keep a close supervision as it’s a glass bottle. These decorative bottles are amazing customised gifts.

Wine bottles can be reused, redesigned in ways you have never imagined but here we will discuss the how to details about only those which are very easy to do with kids around and doesn’t require you to be a pro at craft.

  1. Simply spray paint them. Spread newspaper in a garden area or balcony and have a can of spray paint of any color matching your interior. Don’t forget to wear a mask or scarf to cover your nose/mouth from the spray fumes. Put the bottle on newspaper and keep your hands 4-5 inches away from the bottle while spraying. Keep the children away while doing this. You can use a glossy finish or matt finish spray paint according to your choice.Once they are dry, take a marker and write anything you want.

  1. Insert LED lights. You can also get LED lights in very cheap at any electronic store and can put them inside the bottle and simply plug in. also can use some creativity draw some design with a permanent marker to make it glow when it lit up. Is’t it magical !


  1. Decorate with jute or wool rope. Glue the jute rope plain or painted with the help of glue gun is an easy and beautiful option which gives it rusty craft look. Can also use other glues if you not have glue gun.


  1. Chalk board on bottle. You can buy chalk board sticker easily available in market or you can also buy chalky finish paint from any wall paint store. All you need to do is take a brush and paint the bottle with chalky finish paint, let it dry and yes! It’s ready to write anything with chalk. Also you can first spray paint it with your favorite color and then stick a board surface sticker or paint a block of chalky finish paint. And you are done, write lovely messages for family and loved ones.


  1. Multicolored patches. Take a masking tape or normal tape and cut random shaped sections with the help of scissors and stick them randomly all over the bottle. Now take black acrylic color and paint it. You can also spray paint it. Let it dry for some times and paint another coat. After it dries, take of the tape and fill the patches with different acrylic colors of your choice. Put LED lights inside to illuminate in night.


  1. Artistic painted bottles. Allow your inner artist to express by choosing any simple design from net or ask your kids to paint simple animal prints. You require a set of acrylic paints easily available at any stationary. It’s my personal favorite decoration which is real fun to do, it has the power to take away all your stress. Don’t forget to prime the bottle with white acrylic color first to serve as a base.


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  1. Zarine says:

    Hi I have about 20 glass bottles of different shapes sizes n colors.. I need to check if you can convert it to a chandelier

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